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Na’Keya Thomas, CEO, CFO

Na’Keya , has a Master Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Human Resources; pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Psychology. As a Mental Health Specialist, Na'Keya has the opportunity to provide therapy/counseling services to diverse clients, both adults and children. As a Registered Mediator, Na’Keya has the opportunity of mediating diverse cases across the state of Georgia. As the Director of Operations for Amodestri Childcare Academy, Na'Keya has the opportunity to create and provide academic, summer camp, and tutor "Programs With Purpose" to children age 1 -12. As a Career Professional Trainer, Na'Keya has the opportunity to provide effective training that will enhance the skills and mindset of professionals to reach their full potential.

Along with a broad range of professional training and development, Na'Keya has built an Empire that offers a variety of services with the passion of educating, inspiring and motivating others.

"Amodestri Empire" includes, but not limited to:

Amodestri Associates, LLC. (Therapy/Counseling, Mediation, Training & Insurance)

Amodestri Childcare Academy, LLC.

Amodestri Girls Club, Inc./ Amodestri Boys Club, Inc. (Mentor Program)

Amodestri Real Estate & Property Management, LLC.

Amodestri Garbé (Clothing Brand)

Brandie Kirby

Academy Director

Alexus Jefferson

Administrative Assistant

Photo and Description Coming Soon!

Charnesia Farmer

Customer Relations

Jada Day

Academy Toddler Tots Teacher

Ashley Lightfoot

Academy PreSchool Scholars Teacher

Photo and Description Coming Soon!

Kevin Callier, Jr.

Academy After School Teacher, Driver

Photo and Description Coming Soon!

Na'Kayla Miller

Academy Assistant Teacher

Milan Ponder

Children Activities Coordinator

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